Decadent Heroes is on Jamsphere Rock Radio with ‘Smoke in the Air’ and ‘Shades of Light’

Decadent Heroes is the solo project of the former guitarist of Smokin’ Steps and Plastic Ash -Decadent Hero. The project started in 2008 with the recording of an EP, Flyin’ High, which included 2 original instrumental rock songs (Flyin’ High, Morning Break) and a cover of Ten Words (Joe Satriani).

In 2012 the second EP titled Shades of Light, was released. The new EP included 3 new songs (Smoke in the Air, Shades of Light, Ares Era) and the remastered version of Flyin’ High and Morning Break.

Smoke in the Air, the first single, achieved the PLATINUM UPLAYA AUDDY AWARD with a score of 8.9/10. The second single, Ares Era, reached PLATINUM status in the HITMAKER REPORT (TUNEHOG), while Shades of Light was considered GOLD and Flyin’ High UNIQUE.

Decadent Heroes is on Jamsphere Rock Radio with Smoke in the Air and Shades of Light.

“The focus is to write great rock themes with a lot of melodies and a distinct, personal sound… I like the solos, but melody come first!” (Decadent Hero)

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