Spare Planet: “As If I Am Not” and “Last Ride” On Radio!


In 2012, two sound engineers from Germany started to concept and build a new recording studio in a city called Cologne. Along the process, one of those fellows recorded lots of guitar and drum tracks, containing a lot of
instrumental stuff. By the time when the studio was built up and ready to receive clients, he ran into an old friend and they started to collaborate, because she could add the missing component to the music: the vocals. A couple of months and tons of recordings later, their debut EP was ready for release. And while further writing of songs is already in progress, it does not seem to be their last output.

Spare Planet Members:
Olga Polasik: Vocals
Heiko Lohmann: Guitars, Drums, Piano, Electronics
Web: – free album stream + download
Twitter: SparePlanet

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