SIZEMORE: Expanding Outside the Limitations of Any Mainstream Musical Genre!


What is the magic in music which so thoroughly captivates our attention and delights our minds, our hearts, and even our very souls? SIZEMORE has been observing and experimenting with this amazing phenomenon for quite some time; and is now attempting to perfect and put into practice the many things learned about the magic of music.

The collection of tracks on the SIZEMORE Soundcloud page plays like a concept album and is called “NO SONGS ABOUT BUILDINGS OR FOOD”. Each song there is radically different from every other song on the list; and the playlist is designed to create a listening experience which is probably quite different from anything you have ever heard before.

When you find yourself craving a musical experience which expand outside the limitations of any mainstream musical genre; then just kick back, relax, and let the music of SIZEMORE take your spirit on a musical journey to places you’ve never been before.

The two tracks currently available for your listening pleasure on JamSphere Radio – “Journey To The Center Of The Soul” and “Memories Past and Future Part 1+2” are instrumental only; but at SIZEMORE’s Soundcloud page you will enjoy an astoundingly broad variety of songs and instrumental tracks which offer you a totally unique album experience called NO SONGS ABOUT BUILDINGS OR FOOD.

We have just added two new tracks by Sizemore, namely – “Groovin In The Fast Lane” and “Visions Of Playful Madness”

Clinical studies have proven that merely listening to these two songs will instantly increase your Cool-Factor by 17.3%

(Warning: Please listen responsibly. We are not liable for damages caused due to abusive listening. Do not listen to these songs while balanced on a high-wire over flowing lava, or while wrestling an alligator, or while performing dental work on a wild lion.)

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