Overproof Groove the #1 Groove metal band in Australia!


Overproof Groove or OP.G are without a doubt THE #1 Groove metal band in Australia at the moment. This 4 piece act consists of quite possibly the most talented musicians to grace the Aussie music scene today. Bearing 3 albums and an EP of material to belt you with, they have more arsenal than any unsigned act this side of the equator. Possessing more hooks than you will find in ya mates tackle box, they are praised by fans and newcomers for their intense, energetic live performances and dedication to giving the fans what they want.

GROOVE! Their latest offering Collect And Readvance is ripping up the airwaves right now with critical acclaim from Australian stations and Aussie icons alike. With all the boxes ticked, it is just a matter of time before these guys become the next big Australian export. Be prepared metal heads, these guys are a force to be reckoned with. And they will be hitting your town soon! Keep your eyes peeled, your ears pricked, and ya whistles wet. OVERPROOF GROOVE IS COMING TO GET YA!

Overproof Groove are on Jamsphere with “Bullet From Hell” and “Bleed The Truth”






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