Unysono: “Favorite Place” Shaking The Airwaves !


“Favorite Place” is the debut release from German (Cologne) band, Unysono. Guitars, violins and a soulful voice dance on an electro beat. The song can be enjoyed everywhere: in the car, in the club or on the lawn. The song is available on iTunes, Amazon and all other online music stores.

Soothingly soulful is what best describes Unysono. The vocals and the instrumentation are very appropriate and very original, while the production techniques work well. Judging from the quality of this track, Unysono has a wonderful and successful future ahead.

Unysono also have a good ear for melody and their rhythms are clean and irresistible – they make you want to move! Just close your eyes and you’re there, on the dance floor!


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