Cornelia De’Flore’: “God Bless The Child” and “Concrete Angel” on Air!

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Cornelia De’Flore’  is a native of South Florida. She’s lived, performed and or directed choirs in other cities such as Tallahassee Florida, Tuskegee Alabama, Atlanta Georgia, Phoenix Arizona and Sacramento California, just to name a few.

Cornelia started singing in St. John First Baptist Church in Belle Glade, Florida. She sang in the Glades Central High School Chorus and was a member of the Marching Maroon Machine. Cornelia auditioned and received a scholarship To Bethume-Cookman College. Later she released Polly wants to Party in Sicily.

While she was in Sicily, she directed the Comiso, AFB Sicily Italy choir and was invited by the Priest to the old city of Grammichelle, Sicily Italy, to do their first Gospel Concert. Grammichelle is a testimony to all believers.

There was an earthquake that hit the city and the only thing left standing was the church. Every year the citizens leave the new city of Grammichelle and march to the old city to praise God for the church that was left standing. This is the site where Cornelia performed.

She’s been blessed to sing in hundreds of churches and venues. In a lot of them she performed with her daughter Y’jori. Arranging is her gift from God. She is noted for Arrangement of Trouble of the WorldIt Is Well, and The Christmas Song to name a few. Cornelia took a hiatus for a few years but is back to sharing the Gift God gave her.

Cornelia is in that same category with the real divas of blues, jazz and soul, like Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Patti Austin. I even hear traces of one of my all-time favorite singers – Billie Holiday. Cornelia makes a ballad sound sultry without making it become melodramatic fluff. There is so much strength, energy, depth and vitality to her songstress approach.

In an age when music is trite and shallow, it is refreshing to discover music that is timeless and beautiful. And that is exactly what happens when you stumble across Cornelia De’Flore’ release, “Simply De’Flor” which contains the single “God Bless The Child”. Her big, brassy and bold voice sings some great songs in this jazzy, bluesy, Soul, R & B and Gospel collection.

Cornelia De’Flore’  is one of a kind. Her voice is so expressive and she can use it in so many ways. This album is a testament to her talent and the ability she has to reach people with her voice, which is the mark of a great vocalist.

Cornelia De’Flore’ is on Jamsphere with the tracks: “God Bless The Child” and “Concrete Angel”


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