Blu Collar Glomeration featuring Bustah Capp


Country music fans– check out Arkansas Ambush here. “The Dog’s Cold Nose” is a quick little ditty spoken by a woman about her man and a dog’s cold nose– and it will make you smile with its abrupt, surprise ending.

“Deadman’s Hill” features a lightning-fast vocal delivery coupled with a piano boogie/bluesy rock sound. 

“Things Ain’t Right” is classic Country music before technology took over. Indeed, the 11 tracks on Arkansas Ambush are eclectic– and songwriter Blu Collar makes sure to continually keep the listener’s interest with his penchant for clever lyrics. –Mark Weber Music Blog

5.0 out of 5 stars My niece and nephew love this track! March 13, 2014

By John D. Tong  Amazon Verified Purchase

“I found this song on Amazon in a search and let my brothers kids choose the song, they chose this one. Now they sing and dance and LEARN! Great song for children and for summer time. Fun, funny, and great sounds. Recommended.”

Blu Collar Glomeration are on Jamsphere with the tracks “Miz Daisy” and “Barry”.

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