Lamar Cole – “FRIED CHICKEN n’ LATE NIGHTS” on Air!

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What the game is missing and what it needs is a fresh new sound of hip hop. Lamar Cole’s original musical style is a mixture of dirty south, soul and r&b. Lamar Cole, hails from Athens Alabama and was born in Opelika, Alabama. Growing up in an adopted home Lamar Cole was dealt an unfortunate hand from the beginning. During his childhood Lamar was placed with 26 different Foster Homes as his Parents gave up on him at birth.

During his journey through the Foster care system, Lamar experienced struggle, as he received less than adequate love, respect and did not always have his basic needs met by the Foster Families responsible for his well-being. Lamar Cole faced a breaking point as a teen, and began performing theft and robbery in order to feed himself and meet his own basic needs.

After pulling off money making capers, Lamar was finally caught, locked up and forced to survive in a new way. Finding his Lord and savior during his period of Lockdown, Lamar also began documenting his life in a rhyme pattern, as a form of therapy. After being released from imprisonment, Lamar vowed never to return to a life of crime.

Lamar Cole began taking his music seriously shortly after his release and began a new genre of music that he classifies as transitional music, with the favor of Jesus Christ as his prime motivation. Lamar Cole continues to scribe his legacy through art and entertainment influencing young lives in a positive way.

Lamar Cole is on Jamsphere with the track “FRIED CHICKEN n’ LATE NIGHTS”





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