Nattyva: “DanceFloor” is on 24/7 rotation!


Nathalie Uwera Rubayiza, known by the name of Nattyva (her childhood  nickname) is an African-Canadian contemporary pop/dance singer/songwriter who was born in Africa and currently resides in Toronto, On. Canada.
“ I once met a good friend of mine, one of my music engineers who told me that, there are people who lived and died with their music and talent unheard, unseen, they just didn’t bother trying, but that will not be you. I knew exactly what he meant, but hearing it from someone like him was a reinforcement to my belief.”

She wrote, composed and recorded her 1st single “Dancefloor” at Cherry beach sound studio, a dance contemporary pop song that has played on several local radio stations in Canada and had enormously gained views on Youtube in a very short period of time.


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