Junior Turner is on JSR Radio with “Different Worlds” and “Save Me”


In his career Junior Turner has worked with some of the world’s finest musicians and producers for who he is held in high regard. Including Neil Taylor an English rock and pop guitarist, best known for his long-time affiliation with Robbie Williams and for formerly being a member of the backing band of Tears for Fears.

Since 2010 Turner has been delivering a string of indie hits around the globe crossing over styles and genres. In 2014 Junior decided to go back to his strongest asset, his voice, with his first release a power ballad that again could easily be related to, with ‘Save Me’. Again it rocketed to Number 1 in several USA state charts and was about to take Junior to the next step.

In April of 2014, Junior picked up ‘Best Pop Song’ at the indie musician prestigious awards ceremony for ‘The Indie Music Channel’. This was seen and recognized by a lot of fellow professionals and music personnel around the globe as a huge achievement which may just open the next door to the next chapter in his career.

Junior Turner is on JamsphereRock Radio with the tracks “Different Worlds” and “Save Me


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