Messiah is on JSR Radio with the tracks – “Goddess” and “Poppin’ Champagne”

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The up and coming rapper out of Atlanta, Tyrone Noble AKA Messiah is bringing a spiritual element into mainstream music. Messiah got his feet wet as an MC while being inspired by famous rapper Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick’s music inspired Messiah to put his thoughts to paper. He began to record a concept album in the audio booth of Soul Asylum studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Goddess,” one of the tracks recorded there, became Messiah’s first single off his “Sinner’s Redemption” album – which was released 13 February 2015. He continues to perform open mic competitions, and pushing his singles towards the billboard charts.

Messiah is on our Radio Station with the tracks – “Goddess” and “Poppin’ Champagne”.


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