Sasha Leonov – “Believe Once More”

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Sasha Leonov is a singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia. Since childhood, he has been surrounded by music, and from a young age, a love of music seeped into his very being. He started playing piano at 5 years of age, and has never stopped since. After taking the customary path of learning piano grades, Sasha felt his creativity was not being given a chance to breathe, so he decided instead to devote himself to the composition of his own piano pieces.

The culmination of this was his debut album, titled Accolades for Days of Sunshine, released in 2009, which is a collection of heartfelt and moving piano compositions.

Also from a young age, Sasha has been both singing and playing guitar, and, once again, felt he had something that needed to be expressed and shared with whoever would listen. In 2012, he released his first lyrical album, titled Remnants of Tomorrow, from which the single Through the Storm has been widely applauded. He has since released another lyrical album called Skies Change, from which several singles have received worldwide airing and consequent accolades, including Believe Once More and Cicada Chorus.

All in all, Sasha’s music is appreciated for its poetry, melody and power to take the listener away to other worlds. It is precisely for this reason that Sasha writes and performs music, because for him, the possibility of reaching people through his music is one that never ceases to amaze and inspire him. Sasha has just released his new album, titled Towards Mirages.

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