Stone Relix: “421” and “Bipolar”

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The original “Stone Relics” were – Matthias (Matt) on lyrics and vocals, Mark Grant on Guitars, Chad Clement on Bass, and Rob Brindle on Drums.  What started as a cover band in 2012, bridged to originals in 2014, but ultimately disbanded in April 2015.

Stone Relix is Matt’s personal continuation of that musical journey as he confirms:  “It’s a testament to the power of determination; to reach for something higher than ourselves.  An awakening of blessings, only to be discovered by stepping out of your comfort zone, taking a chance, enduring the trials and tribulations, and believing in yourself, even when those who you believed in the most, believed in you the least!”

Stone Relix is on Jamsphere Rock Radio with the tracks, “421” and “Bipolar”.



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