Ian Dencker – ‘Smile’

Ian Dencker is an amateur singer/songwriter trying to take the next step in music. Ian wrote “Smile” during the Sydney Covid-19 September 2021 Lockdown as well as a few other songs. All Ian’s songs try to deliver a message of hope. Ian Dencker is on radio rotation with the track “Smile”. The single comes from the project “Airglow”.

“Airglow is a faint emission of light by a planetary atmosphere. In the case of Earth’s atmosphere, this optical phenomenon causes the night sky never to be completely dark, even after the effects of starlight and diffused sunlight from the far side are removed.” – Wikipedia

CONNECT: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5qH64TyxYTWfD16q1juabx?si=0lcDJ4ckS7W52xejYf1xRg&dl_branch=1

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