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Angel-Monique, was born Angel-Monique Shontielle Davis, on July 1st, 1982. Angel-Monique began singing at an early age in the 1990’s with the Daughter of Zion children’s choir, “Shining Stars”. From those tender years, she grew to love gospel music all the more, which was nurtured by Christian family values. Those values led her to singing in childhood groups, where she began to find her own voice.

She then went on to high school and enrolled in chorus and band. During her high school years, Angel-Monique fully uncovered a unique gift of emulating the same sound of various artists that she would study, in order to perform at different events for school and church. Between chorus and singing in her youth choir at church, she learned how to utilize the fullness of her vocals and truly fell in love with the sounds of music. Presently, she is one of the lead vocalists in her church’s outstanding Praise Team.

Angel-Monique was very hesitant and fearful about accepting the call to do music professionally, because she felt unworthy to be included among those in the gospel ministry. Once the opportunity presented itself again, still hesitant, she remembered a conversation that she had with her mother, while contemplating an important decision. Her mother told her, “God uses imperfect people to do a perfect work.” Those were the words that quieted her thoughts and soothed her spirit.

Angel-Monique gives all praises to God, her Heavenly Father, for entrusting to her the precious gift of music and allowing her voice to touch so many throughout her years. She is forever grateful for a nurturing, hardworking, and strong mother, for always keeping her lifted in prayer before God. She owes gratitude to her loving family, keeping her grounded, and loving her in spite of her many faults. She is very thankful for her loving church family, and many other spiritual motivators, who have watched her, grow and blossom throughout the years; pushing, encouraging, and lifting her up, when she’s been down.

Angel-Monique is on radio rotation with the tracks “Higher” and “No More”.

For more information please visit: Booking consideration please contact: Robyn Boucard 561-543-7262 – Record Label

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