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The 24-year-old ‘Singing Uber Driver’, Daynel Artiles is not your average singer or Uber driver. Instead, he combines both activities in a unique way. Artiles pairs his musical talent with bright, flashing lights in his car, creating an experience for riders that falls somewhere between “Cash Cab” and a nightclub. He has adopted the stage name Artdayn.

Emotion plays a big part in Artiles’ art. “I plan to be an influence in people’s life due to the deep and meaningful messages in my songs. I write about what goes on around me and about what I have lived through in the past,” Artiles said.

From having struggled in poverty in Cuba and his mother’s inability to work due to mental illness once moving to the United States, there’s no shortage of personal experiences from which to draw. Regardless, Artiles’ outlook is still positive.

Artiles credits his father with guiding him into the world of music as early as when Artiles was five years old. Artiles would sing Gospel music at his church and study clarinet in school. His influences range widely, from pop-superstars like The Weeknd and Lorde to metal bands such as Disciple as Under Oath.

Artiles admits his songwriting process is “really unconventional.” He said that the melody comes first, followed by the lyrics and, finally, the instrumentals. Artiles collaborates with Producer Armando Doval at EpicDigital for the recording, mixing and mastering of his tracks.

Artdayn is on radio rotation with the tracks “The Fall” and “Jenny”.




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