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With their own extraordinary blend of raw & real emotion and an authentic approach to indie/alt-rock, the transcontinental project based out of Chicago, known as Dead Harvest, has created a stunning set of four highly-memorable cuts that run deep over the course of their gripping debut EP, Wasted Love.

The shifting dynamics of Dead Harvest’s new EP sends listeners on a sonic journey that takes the signature indie sound of the band into genuinely inspired new territory.  Incorporating key elements of the blues, alternative, psychedelic and groove-rock music into their style, the Wasted Love EP showcases the diverse range of versatile ideas that exist within the three-piece band and their unique multi-dimensional approach.

Unafraid to explore the depths of their sound and ready to innovate indie-rock with their own twists on the genre – Dead Harvest roams through a vast amount of imaginative terrain in effort to write and record songs that will truly stand the test of time.

Through thought-provoking lyrics and atmospheric rock that perfectly complements the ambition, sentiment and intention behind their words – Dead Harvest displays an incredible amount of focus & precision on all four tracks of the Wasted Love EP, sounding exactly like a band determined to establish itself firmly in the future of music.

Released officially in December of 2017, the Wasted Love EP is stocked full of soaring & searing guitar tones, beastly low-end presence & drums that structure the material precisely for pure entertainment.

Dead Harvest is on radio rotation with the tracks “Wasted Love” and “How Do You Know”

Listen to the new EP, Wasted Love, on Spotify and Apple Music

Visit to listen to Dead Harvest’s debut EP!

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