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Electro-artist and master of musical-atmosphere, Frank Cole, is bursting onto the scene with creative, complex and innovative songs that contain bold emotions and truly dynamic structures. With a deep love of music and incredible ear for sound that goes back all the way to when he was just twelve years-old, Frank would soon after join his first band at the age of fourteen, playing drums, bass and eventually vocals as well.  After spending nearly 25 years making music as part of a duo – artistic differences finally set him free to create the sound Frank had always envisioned as a solo-artist.

Today Frank Cole is able to express himself in music better than ever before.  Tapping into a chilled-out & versatile vibe in his style/sound that people genuinely connect to – Frank has insightful, enthusiastic and energetic ways of incorporating dreamy melodies and moving textures in his music.  With a stunningly fresh approach to electro – Frank Cole is quickly becoming a rising-star as both a producer/performer with electrifying compositions that are designed to make your body move and provide the people with a new sound with so much depth they can practically reach out and touch it!

New singles and music are being released in a steady-stream online as Frank Cole’s music continues to reach more people around the globe and his fan-base continues to grow.  Always writing, always recording and always doing his best to outdo his own ideas to make sure his latest music is always his best music – Frank Cole keeps his sound vibrantly interesting by always challenging himself to find something new for the people to groove to…and he welcomes & rises to that challenge, every time.

Frank Cole is on radio rotation with the tracks “Come back To Me” and “I Wish”.


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