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Freudz Couch toured, recorded and released 3 indie albums and multiple EP’s and singles between 1993-2003, that found their way on radio throughout the world, as well as a Canadian Indie Motion Picture titled ‘River Rats’.

After calling it quits in 2003, an unlikely reunion took place in 2016 with the intent to see if writing a new song was a possibility. The end result was a new 5 song EP title ‘ego’ released in 2017 and several unexpected things happened. The first newly written song ‘Martha’, off the EP, received a nomination at the 2017 Independent Music Awards, the ‘ego’ EP was signed to a Publishing deal with Music of the Sea out of Chicago, and previous LP releases ‘id’ and ‘Embraced’ were both signed to Publishing deals with Sextillion Music out of the UK.

Further to the unexpected events that transpired largely due to social media, the band signed a record deal with 7hard Records out of Germany, a division of 7us Media. The first new single ‘Freedom’ is now released under 7hard and the band is in the process of completing the new LP to be titled ‘Psycho A’ with a 2019 release date.

Freudz Couch is on radio rotation with the tracks ‘Freedom’ and ‘Martha’.

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