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Energetic rhythms and captivating melody, Jacob Green brews bona fide homegrown music. Blues singer/songwriter with a twist, Jacob Green, becomes an ‘OneManBand’, Stomp Box under foot, harmonica upon neck, strumming instruments tirelessly touring the country. Whether Green plays guitar, banjo, dobro, or mandolin, he forms rhythm, percussion, and lead simultaneously transforming into the “OneManGreenBand”.


Green harvests a resonance of the modern day gypsy, awakening original roots and blues folk songs. The once “down-trodden” old-fashioned blues lyrics to positive riffs of change. His versatile homegrown, organic, original songs bring a fresh approach to old-school roots and blues folk music.

He began to lead bands, such as “Green n’ the Grit”(2008), a rock n’ blues band, “Infinite Nature”(2009), featuring tones of hip hop and reggae groove, to “River Water Tribe”(2010 – 2012), a gypsy-grass band with a punk influence . Playing in bands or solo, Green continuously writes and records new material from a rambler’s point of view, bringing a newfound narrative of “go green” and respect one another are lively notes from Green’s highway, byway, back road blues.

Also known as the “One Man Troubadour”, Jacob Green, as a solo artist has played 130+ shows a year for the past 5 years (2013 – 2017) across the country, playing 40 states total. Now Green resides in the Green Mountain State of Vermont.

Jacob Green is on radio rotation with the tracks: “Good Spirit” – about getting through the hard times without your spirit being broken, and “Don’t Need Love” – which is actually saying the opposite… Love is all you need.


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