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“Over the past year and a half, the genre of Ukrainian music has flourished. During this time, we have heard hundreds of songs about our country, our people, our strength, and our pain. Never before in history have there been so many songs about the Motherland. Musicians and vocalists of different generations and genres have not held back and have reflected the experience and emotions of tens of millions of Ukrainians from all over the world in their creativity.”

Contemporary popular music, the lyrics of which will remain relevant for many generations, is represented by the project KataN. Its founder and sole permanent member is the author and performer Ilya Katan, who invites the best musicians in the country to collaborate. The team continues the traditions of Ukrainian music in new manifestations that fully reflect the diversity of musical genres and arrangements in 2023.

All the tracks of the KataN project are created to motivate the listener and help them through difficult times. “Native Mother” is a song that every resident of Ukraine has heard at least once in their life. This song was written with the aim of calling on our people to unite in such a challenging moment for all of us,” the author explains.

The project team does not overproduce music and vocals. In this song, traditional and timeless instruments are heard: piano, violin, and acoustic guitar. The melody and lyrics for the new single were created in one day. The author simply turned his experience and emotions into notes that you will hear after the first listen: “The text and melody were immediately written. We created the backing track for this song in just an hour, through collective team efforts.”

As you can judge from the title, this work is truly special for Ilya and his team: “This track is associated with the Mother, with the closest and dearest person. Because Ukraine is the place where we grew up,” the authors explain. Currently, Ilya and the musicians from KataN are preparing a new major project in which they will gather songs that fully reflect their experience of wartime and fully meet the highest standards of contemporary global popular music.

This track is for everyone who loves Ukraine. The song has a special message that should fill you with strength, energy, and faith: “Our strength is in Unity. Every person can be useful,” says Ilya Katan. “You can check out the track that will change your mood and give you strength right now on all streaming platforms.” KataN is on radio rotation with the track “Native Mother.


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