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Lyndon Rivers is known his sublime EDM mixes and clever choice of material. Beyond the interminable techno and house of his contemporaries, Rivers has found some magic key with which he makes real music out of monotonous dance-floor deposits. His productions breathe, travel, and reflect, making even armchair listening a resplendent journey in the head. Those of us who would like to choose between just listening to the music or to get caught in some ear-shattering dance dungeon will find solace in the mercurial sounds of Lyndon Rivers, which serves both purposes.

His latest track “Feel The Beat” follows the Lyndon Rivers formula to a T. Almost subliminally, the Rivers tracks unwind as much in the air of a dance club as they do in your head. The beat, of course, is omnipotent, but Rivers adds touches of glowing ambient, experimental house, acoustic-guitar surrealism, and trippy disco vocals. A relentless, strummed guitar keeps the track moving, coupled with a thumping bass drum, and rising vocals.

Borrowing a few tips from Avicii and David Guetta’s book of song composition, ‘I Wanna Be!’ is another example of stirring, lifting club music with lyrics designed to tease, empower and resonate before the dance-friendly and overly familiar chorus kicks in. How else would you describe the vocal line: “I want to be your super girl, let me fight for all your love.” It’s far better than some of the more recent genre-mirroring songs all about the booty.


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