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Matt Scan is an Indie Hip-Hop artist from Baltimore, Maryland. His “Scanner” EP is a breath of fresh air coming up from what seems like an eternity of Fetty Wap, Future and Drake dominating the hip hop sphere. Overall it’s essential to note how stellar Scan’s vocals are. I say vocals because it’s the combination of lyrics, flow, and inflection that make him stand out. Scan has no shortage of well executed concepts, but maybe his best asset is actually the endlessly inventive ways in which he constructs each verse; it’s the delivery not the lyrics that impress on first listening.

These songs each call for a different style, so Scan keeps his flow in the pocket and focuses more on rhyming.

“Scanner” has some stand out tracks. My favorite songs always tend to be those that are overlooked by most, but “Artifical Intel”, “Automatic Mode Addict”and “Ronin” are the tracks that will get the most recognition. After listening to the whole EP, if you feel like you didn’t connect with the lyricism or it sounds too shallow, I urge you to press replay.

Matt Scan is a poet. His calculated, hard-hitting flow, together with the extremely busy soundscapes can be distracting when trying to decipher the sheer emotional intelligence he displays in his songwriting. Scan is almost too much of a lyrical genius and for some listeners it may be a bit overwhelming.

However, he makes it extremely evident that this EP is a step forward in finding the perfect balance between creatively composed productions and firm, uncompromising delivery.

Matt Scan finds a looser, weirder, and ultimately more interesting version of the hip hop formula on this release. He sounds adamant to leave behind all the overeager, overproduced clichés that rap has been producing in the last few years, and dig deep into his core influences.

With the creative confidence to go with his considerable skills and heart, Scan crafts some eclectic and appealing material, from unapologetic “Mind Flex” or the ominous “Cold Stunner”. All throughout the recording Scan successfully finds the balance between brilliantly executed composition and complex lyricism that truly sets him free from underdog territory.

“Scanner” deserves attention as it is an EP that diverts substantially from the repetitive and formulaic music that is all too frequent today. This collection could provide a taste for what is to come from Matt Scan, and there is absolutely no doubt that his artistry is moving in the right direction.

As always the most daunting task for underground indie artists is not creating good music, but rather getting the music across to the people who need to be hearing it, so pieces can be moved. Money can be made. And the artist can move to the next level!

Matt Scan is on radio rotation with the tracks – “Automatic Mode Addict” and “Artificial Intel”


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