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Matthew Bora ‘Dream On’ album is a Pop, smooth Rock Jazzy music to all ears.  This is one of those rare albums and music something that wont get outdated and fully rewards the listener if they’re willing to give the songs some time. With each repeated listen, layers of instrumentation and subtle shadings start to come through the mix. Matthew’s sounds are subtle as he shows maturity and depth not only in his songwriting, but also in his singing. He never goes for the jugular with pounding rhythms, but rather tantalizes and seduces the listener with hypnotizing melodies.

Overall, the album is mellow nice to listen to, frequently contemplative and yet dynamic at the same time. Don’t get the wrong idea thinking that mellow is synonymous with boring, with so much great melodicism and elegance. Especially with Matthew being in an absolutely expressive form vocally, the album ends up being captivating, piling up great track upon great track!

Beyond that, “Dream On” is a deeply resonating album. the tracks like,are lush, reverb-heavy ballads that are both beautiful and incredibly soothing. Buy this album and marvel at a wonderful set of beautifully elegant tracks that combine quite marvelous singing, thought provoking lyrics, superb playing, tight arrangements, cleverly understated productions and unforgettable melodies.

Matthew Bora is on radio rotation with the tracks “Laugh and Cry” and “I Want You To Live It With Me”.


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