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Eighteen year old Orlando-based artist, New Port, makes a head-turning public debut with his emotionally weighty EP, “The Breakup Album.” As the title would suggest, this outing is far from a jovial one. Its seven tracks center on the all too relatable feelings of pain and delirium in the wake of a high school breakup. Each song, while stylistically distinct from one another, perfectly captures the essence of emotional anguish and teen angst through wailing guitar riffs and New Port’s pained vocals.

Take the EP’s sixth track, “Finish Line,” for example. According to New Port, this marked the first track he had written and recorded for the album, mere days after his initial breakup. That sense of raw, unchecked emotion is palpable here, accented by a lulling, melancholy electric guitar. Compare this with the preceding “Fast and Slow,” an indie garage rock-inspired affair with a harder and speedier beat, while remaining every bit as thematically consistent as “The Breakup Album’s” other tracks.

This EP’s diverse nature and the gamut of emotional reactions to heartbreak it runs are what truly make it a cut above the rest. With a track list this complex and sonically mature, it’s almost unfathomable that it was composed by somebody so new to the medium. “The Breakup Album,” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

New Port is on radio rotation with the tracks – “My Sweet Love” and “Fast and Slow”

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