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Parmy Dhillon is a genuine character. Whether as a solo artist wielding an acoustic guitar, or frontman of his full band The New Science, the Melbourne singer-songwriter delivers powerful music that deals in raw, honest emotion. His latest single, ‘Friend Or Foe’, catches him in band mode, beautifully shading uplifting hooks with tonally darker lyrics.

‘Friend Or Foe’ bares its soul in an epic, slow-burning climb. Each member of the band takes to their place in the song with skill and subtlety, providing a solid musical backbone that allows space for Parmy’s lyrics to tell their story. Heartfelt and real, the singer’s voice is perfectly espoused to the song’s narrative – conjuring classic undertones of the great social commentator songwriters, like Tom Petty and Bob Dylan.

Parmy Dhillon is on radio rotation with the tracks: “Friend or Foe” and “It’s Ok if You’re Not Ok”.


Music videos:
Friend or foe



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