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PULL N WAY is a girl duo made up of two singers, Mylène and Jana, from Central Switzerland. These two really likeable young women met on Instagram two years ago. Before they had even released their first song, they were asked whether they would like to take part in a casting for X Factor UK – an offer the two 17-year-olds politely declined.

 They didn’t feel ready to make such an important decision within the space of just two weeks. Instead of taking part in a casting show, they released their first single, “Let You Go”, which attracted quite a lot of media attention, including in 20min and on Blick and the SRF program Glanz & Gloria.

Since the spring of 2018, the two young artists have been under contract to MUVE Recordings (Musikvertrieb AG). In March 2018, Jana & Mylène flew to Melbourne to record 12 new songs with 1&2Productions. The first single, which was released on 11 May, is called “Start Me Up (Joyride) and is a funky, summer-ish radio song with just a sprinkling of ‘dance’. The song was written by a team from Australia and the Netherlands that had previously written songs for numerous international acts.

Their next single “Leaving You“, a typical UK dance tune, came out on June 15 2018. “IM4U and the remixes “IM4U Remixes followed on August 3 2018, “You & Me” in Sept. With “Anything” (release Oct26), the girls present their first porfessional music video.

PULL N WAY are on radio rotation with the tracks “Anything” and “Leaving You.

Find out more and follow PULL N WAY on their website at:

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