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Australian-born and LA based independent pop artist RALPHY is receiving an overwhelming response to her EP ‘PEACE LOVER’, released a few months ago.  A proud advocate of equal rights and gay pride, RALPHY is highlighting the need for social accountability through this EP. To be honest, I had never heard of RALPHYbefore, but I’m always searching for ‘new-to-me’ music.

Throughout the EP ‘PEACE LOVER’ , RALPHY maintains an almost ethereal dreamy sound mixed with a batch of crisp, sophisticated, impeccably produced tunes that will appeal especially to those searching for melodic, electronic pop and thoughtful lyrics. Never forced or overwhelming, RALPHY’s voice is outstanding throughout, and the overlaying of the vocals creates great mood and harmony.

Love’ is the keyword on this album which wants to inspire social change, not from only from the lyrics and subject matter, but from the musical atmosphere and perspective that makes you thoughtful enough to realize how stupid your version of society is.

‘PEACE LOVER’ is a rich aural tapestry that unfolds before you. With each revelation, you gain greater appreciation of both the fine details and the bigger picture of what RALPHY is transmitting through her music. Its beauty is unrelenting, as is that of the Australian songstress!

RALPHY is on radio rotation with the tracks – “Skin To Skin” and “Lover”.


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