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Born and raised in Spanish Harlem, Ty Bless still resides part-time in the NYC Metro area. Ty Bless is a record producer, recording artist, songwriter, Human Beat Box, and presently an on air Hip-Hop personality with Team Mind Trip & DJ Eddie B Swift on BREAL.TV (Cypress Hill). Ty Bless as a music mogul has been a consultant to many current flourishing artists. He has been honored at the annual World Music and Independent Film Festival (WMIFF) Award for Best Hip-Hop video, for his smash hit “Freakin’ It” featuring K7.

Ty’s goals are to entertain the world with his music, get involved in more movies, acquire abundance and use it all to help others who are trying really hard, but are falling just short of making it. He has a unique, versatile sound which is easily recognized but still pushes the envelope while presenting substantial crossover ability and a little something for every listener. With an undeniable blend of material, image, performance and commercial marketability, Ty Bless is truly unstoppable!

Ty Bless is on radio rotation with the following tracks:

Ble$$Man – Smoke It (Clean)

Ty Bless – Freakin It ft. K7

Ty Bless – Outta Control

KiiKii – You & Me Remix (Clean) ft. Ty Bless


IG: @tybless111
FB: Ty Bless
Twitter: @tybless

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