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“Spiritual Journeys in Prayer and Song” features music to accompany the book, Spiritual Journeys in Prayer and Song by Rev. Peter Unger. This book grows out of Rev. Peter Unger’s nearly ten year spiritual search to find a more relevant, and dynamic way to minister to traditional Christians in these transitional times. Graduate studies, along with much prayer and soul searching characterized this period.

The paradigm for spiritual journeying advocated in this book is one major realization of that search. This liberating, holistic, and Scripturally based paradigm both informed, and helped revitalize Rev. Unger’s ministry. Most importantly, having become a better vessel for God’s grace in Jesus Christ Rev. Unger was empowered to minister to those embittered, cynical, or just indifferent Christians to whom he had also been called to pastor.

It is Rev. Unger’s hope for this small book that its readers might be re-introduced, through its stories, songs and prayers, to the indwelling spirit of God’s grace who can give transformative meaning to every experience on our spiritual journey through life. Such a spiritual journey, once undertaken, has the potential, through the work of the Spirit, not only to revitalize one’s spiritual life but then through them that of others as well.

Rev. Peter Unger is on radio rotation with the track “The Memories Of God”


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