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Vi-stick Man -aka-VI-STYLEZ


In my past, I held a reputation as a gangster. Due to this, I was unable to show my talents and do what I loved without consequences. I have cheated death on many occasions. I have been shot five times, burned by fire, but now I am reborn and rose from the ashes that have kept me down. Through all my suffering and pain, music is my only way out. I was once called the black Michael Jackson because of my amazing dance and style. I am a master at many different types of dancing including Reggae, Salsa, and Calypso. Some call my blended style ‘The Juck,’ but I have labeled it as the “VI-Style.” A mix of my own interpretative dance that blends them all together in an explosion of stunning dance moves!

Not only do I produce an amazing dance style, but I also sing, DJ, and write astounding songs that will blow your mind and leave you wanting more. My talents do not stop there. I am an amazing artist! I paint murals, life like portraits, still life work, and penciled drawings, all at a professional grade. I also do professional interior and exterior house painting. I have performances in Ft. Pierce to show the world my talents and hope to expand to larger areas around the globe. Everything I do, I accomplish with the best abilities you have ever seen!

I currently own my own business as a professional lawn maintenance beautifier. I do not just cut the grass. I make your yard look beautiful with trimmed trees, bushes and shrubs, clean and upkeep. And Ipaint house Professionally, I do Murals ,on walls, Stain Cabinets, ART DRAWING PROFESSIONALLY,I put as much passion and care as I do into my dance, in all aspects of my life-MY REBORN NAME IS VI-STYLEZ=A-K-A VIRGIN ISLAND STYL-

VIStylez is on radio rotation with the track “I Can’t Breathe (We Want Peace)”



Mikell; a local rapper hailing from Flint, MI who strives on giving his fans exactly what they deserve when it comes to creativity with music. Mikell was raised in River Park Apartments and grew up under his grandmother.

 In his music, he expresses his true emotions and feelings on any giving verse. He is skilled in many ways. MIkell is currently signed to G.I. Records LLC and plans to collaborate with a bevy of different artists from around the globe.

Mikell Radio  is on radio rotation with the track “Survival Of The Fittest”.

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