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The name Xtaty Da can be translated from Russian as Yes Indeed. The group was formed in Novosibirsk, Russia in 1996 and has been changing lineups from time to time. The constant core of the group is guitarist Murad Nazaraliev, bassist Grant Borodin, trumpet player Alexander Bukreyev, and drummer Alexey Smelov.

The Absent Drinker is group’s latest recording that was issued in 2016 to mark the Xtaty Da’s 20th anniversary. It looks back on Xtaty Da’s musical biography and comprises remade pieces of earlier times (The Ace, Screwdriver) as well as newly created tunes (The Absent Drinker). The group’s new member cellist Alexander Rudakov as well as two invited musicians trumpeter Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich and violinist Petrov Peter Petrovich, took part in production of the album.

The instrumental music of Xtaty Da is an elaborate fusion of old-school hard rock (Run, Winter), Latino (Bossa Nostra, Tango), folk (Swarog, Moonshine), and art-rock (The Ace, Mixture, On The Rocks).

Xtaty Da is on radio rotation with the tracks “Run” and “Waltz”


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