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Tevin Charles aka Yungsurfgod is a 23year old artist out of Cambridge Massachusetts. He started rapping 2 years ago, and is a member of the 5 piece emerging Rap group 86. With a passion for art Charles has his heart set on becoming an Art director/coordinator one day. He wants to help connect humans together through the Arts, whether its music, dance, film, or photography etc.

He currently interns at the looplab, a nonprofit organization, helping young adults pursing the Art, find opportunities in work and technical skills. Charles is very involved in his community and mentors youth as well as coaches basketball.

Yungsurfgod is on radio rotation with the tracks “Queen” and “Deuced Up”.

You can follow and find out more about Yungsurfgod at the following links:

Twitter @trvipscott
Instagram @yungsurfgod




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