Rock & Alternative

Rock Music Artists on JamSphere

Ben Trexel – “Head Down”

#HeadDown – #NewSong & #MusicVideo from #SpaceofaDay co-founder #BenTrexel is here: #Watch, #listen, & save free on your favorite #streaming platform. This #newsingle “Head…

Snakedoctors – “Destroyed”

“Destroyed” is the 4th and final single off the 2020 Snakedoctors “Obligation” album. In March they plan to release “A Song” – the first…

Pop & Adult Contemporary

Pop and Adult Contemporary Artists On JamSphere

Alyssa Caroline – “Not The One”

Alyssa Caroline writes songs from her soul and sings them from her heart. With tender songs and moving allusions, Alyssa’s music connects with people…

Carly Opacic – “Luna”

Carly Opacic is a Nashville native living as authentically as possible through life. After moving to Nashville 6 years ago, she has been continuously…

Hiphop & Urban

Hiphop and Urban Music Artists On JamSphere

Chrisso NYC – “Bike Life”

New unsigned hip-hop artist out of New Jersey, Chrisso NYC creates music that is fun, new-style political rap. For people who like to dance…

Benchi – “Emotions”

22 year old producer and songwriter, Benchi, is on radio rotation with the track “Emotions”

NatiKingdom – “Undaground”

NatiKingdom is a group of emcees from Cincinnati, OH making social issue rap music. Music is meant to be entertaining, conceptual, and in rhythm….

Electronic & Dance

Electronic and Dance Music Artists On JamSphere

Wisemind & Phortran – “Parabolic”

Doing psychotherapy by day and making music by night, Matthew Snyder, a.k.a. Wisemind, is a Los Angeles-based music producer and multi-instrumentalist who strives to…

Drugs For Guns – ‘Heaven Or Hell’

This is not about riots, smashing up infrastructure, throwing away your possessions. This is not about anarchy as that will just end up putting…

fudgetherat – “Anthem”

fudgetherat is on radio rotation with the track “Anthem”. Follow fudgetherat and stream the music: Website: Spotify: Apple Music: Amazon Music: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter:

Christian & Gospel

Christian and Gospel Music Artists On Jamsphere