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Pop & Adult Contemporary

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Mark Senger – “Believe”

Growing up in a home where he was inspired by his father, an accomplished jazz guitarist, Mark Senger began teaching himself to play guitar…

Hiphop & Urban

Hiphop and Urban Music Artists On JamSphere

MTP – “Trouble” ft. Fudge and “Strange”

MTP is on radio rotation with the tracks “Trouble” ft. Fudge and “Strange”. MTP – Recording Artist #Jersey Features or Serious Inquiries email: OFFICIAL…

Electronic & Dance

Electronic and Dance Music Artists On JamSphere

Kno6 – “N.G.U.” and “Feeling You”

Kno6 a Minneapolis-based electronic music producer is on radio rotation with the tracks “N.G.U.” and “Feeling You”. OFFICIAL LINKS:  SOUNDCLOUD – FACEBOOK – TWITTER…

Christian & Gospel

Christian and Gospel Music Artists On Jamsphere