Rock & Alternative

Rock Music Artists on JamSphere

Colour Rise – ‘VIE’ and ‘H//H’

Colour Rise is an alternative rock band from Northwest, Ohio. The band consists of four members- Samuel Cromer (vocals, guitar), Riley Cook (guitar), Dalton…

Pop & Adult Contemporary

Pop and Adult Contemporary Artists On JamSphere

Ray Ramon – “Bad Bad Man”

“Bad Bad Man”, is the latest video-accompanied single from Nigerian born Ray Ramon. The new song is gathering traction and popularity on Youtube, boasting…

Hiphop & Urban

Hiphop and Urban Music Artists On JamSphere

Rohmilly – “Bless Me Baby” ft. Fody Lanez

“Bless Me Baby” ft. Fody Lanez, is international reggae dancehall artist Rohmilly’s first single. Follow Rohmilly on all platforms. Instagram – Twitter – Music…

Electronic & Dance

Electronic and Dance Music Artists On JamSphere

Kush King – “Such A Good Feeling”

Kush King is a unique and amazing modern recording artist based in Los Angeles, California. Originally from New Jersey, Kush got his start as a DJ in…

Christian & Gospel

Christian and Gospel Music Artists On Jamsphere