Rock & Alternative

Rock Music Artists on JamSphere

David Vaters – “Flying”

David Vaters is releases an uplifting and hopeful song that rhythmically soothes the soul. At some point in life we all lose loved ones….

Pop & Adult Contemporary

Pop and Adult Contemporary Artists On JamSphere

Annabelle Pepper – “Love of Mine”

During a serious illness, which caused disability and changed her whole life, Annabelle Pepper discovered that it was art that held her and kept her…

Hiphop & Urban

Hiphop and Urban Music Artists On JamSphere

SAMSON – “Kobe” and “Angels”

Growing up in Poughkeepsie, NY and homeless at 14yrs old, Samuel D Cherry turned to music and writing to release his emotions and SAMSON…

Electronic & Dance

Electronic and Dance Music Artists On JamSphere

Dupre – “noise” and “only now”

Dupre is an electronic producer who just dropped a 6 track instrumental EP, titled “noise.”, which can be streamed at Dupre is on…

Christian & Gospel

Christian and Gospel Music Artists On Jamsphere