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Tracy Lee – ‘Firefly’

Singer Songwriter Tracy Lee is a girl with Unique Style. Who spins poetry and words like a fine woven tapestry. She is a Songwriter…

Karma – “Hope”

Karma is a singer, rapper & artist from the UK. Finding his passion for music as early as 6 years old, Karma began developing…

Cesar Serena – “You and Me”

Cesar Serena is a 23 years old artist who has just released the album, “North”. “Hard depression hit me the last few years. I…

Hiphop & Urban

Hiphop and Urban Music Artists On JamSphere

Fly Kaison – ‘Ice Cream’

Fly Kaison is a Brooklyn based independent artist, his first major album (Setbacks Mistakes Distractions) is available on all major streaming platforms. Years in…

Soul Chalice – “Sunflower Seeds”

Soul Chalice is a Hip-Hop/Funk-Rock fusion band based in central Delaware. Frontman Face Balian raps over live instruments with clever word play and a…

Jay Staxx – ‘Cosmic’

Jay Staxx is Co-Founder and Artist of Loyalty Over Royalty Records. It’s a family business based out of San Diego, CA but he is originally from…

Electronic & Dance

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Tortuga Turtleson – “The Awakening”

Tortuga Turtleson is the solo project of tiny Tortuga, a turtle living in the Mandarin Trench. Tortuga mixes simplified orchestral elements of acts like…

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