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Ian Dencker – ‘Smile’

Ian Dencker is an amateur singer/songwriter trying to take the next step in music. Ian wrote “Smile” during the Sydney Covid-19 September 2021 Lockdown…

Tracy Lee – “I Found You”

I am artist with an Ethereal voice and style. If you like unique music written from the heart than this is for you. I…

Hiphop & Urban

Hiphop and Urban Music Artists On JamSphere

Eli Manna – “Lately”

Justin Elijah D’Anthony Reid, better known as Eli Manna, is a groundbreaking musician based in Jacksonville, FL. He is best known for being the…

King Keon – “Like Master P”

Born Keon Williams, King Keon is the most anticipated recording artist to date hailing from Jersey City, NJ. Before the music, King excelled as…

World Fusion – “Say Yeah”

World Fusion: A collection of creative individuals bringing a broad and beautiful musical experience to the world! World Fusion is on radio rotation with…

Electronic & Dance

Electronic and Dance Music Artists On JamSphere

Ashley Marie – “My Dream”

Ashley Marie is a new independent artist based in Las Vegas, she’s been writing music since 2020. Ashley Marie’s second single “Unravel” was placed…

Chef Wellz – “Wasted Moments”

I Am Legend 2021 “Before the Crisis” is an inspiration of the times. A feast of electronic entrees with heavy beat mains. Dessert comes…

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