Promotional Services

The JAMSPHERE INDIE MAGAZINE & RADIO NETWORK offer a host of music promotion and advertising services.  The idea is to allow musicians to gain exposure without going through the common and rather unfair, ‘who you know’ process. For any information or questions please email us at


We will play your 30 second radio commercial on 24/7 non-stop rotation for 1 month, to the huge fanbase at the prestigious independent Jamsphere Rock Radio & Magazine Network. Jamsphere is one of the fastest growing indie rock music magazines on the web with a world wide audience. I will also tweet your commercial punchline to our over 100,000 loyal followers on Twitter.


Jamsphere The Indie Rock Magazine & Radio Network is a fast growing REAL indie music news publisher, with a large readership and over 100,000 Twitter followers. I will publish your Banner Ad or Image Link on the left or right page sidebars or directly integrate them into our headline articles, for 1 entire month! Sizes accepted (up to): Left bar 120×600 – Right bar 300×250 – Inside articles 468×60. NO marketing scams – NO porn – Check first!!!


We will playlist your 2 original songs on our 24/7 daily rotation schedule and other shows, for at least 6 months. We will also promote the songs to our 100,000 plus followers on Twitter. The songs should be “radio friendly” with a bitrate of at least 128kbps in the mp3 format. Genres accepted are Rock, Pop, Blues and Indie. By purchasing this gig, you certify that your material does not infringe any royalty or international copyright laws.


I will review your original CD and publish it to the 100,000 followers at the prestigious independent Jamsphere Music Magazine & Radio Network. Jamsphere is one of the fastest growing indie rock magazines on the web. Our reviews will be honest and unbiased giving your music the attention it deserves. A positive review will have your picture and profile featured on the homepage cover as well as the review section! .


Do you have music, a video, a band website or album cover artwork to promote to fans, peers and industry insiders? Already have a written review, press kit or promo? Let REVIEW INDIE publish, rate and feature you in a thriving industry standard webzine. Our team boasts a 2.5 million fan-base at Headliner and over 100,000 Twitter followers. Choose a category. MUSIC-VIDEO-WEBSITE-ARTWORK and put your talent on line for total exposure.


Musicians, singer-songwriter. Get inside the popular Jamsphere Magazine and Radio Network. I will have you included into the classic “20 Questions With Rick Jamm” column. These questions will give fans and followers a quick and brighter insight into you the artist. We will also blast your magazine interview to our over 90,000 twitter followers. Plus post your photo, music, video and homepage links to give you the prestige and popularity deserved


Jamsphere The Indie Rock Magazine & Radio Network is a fast growing REAL music news publisher. I will publish news of your upcoming event, gig, show or meeting, with links to your official website, sales site and/or any other links you require . It will feature on our cover for a month and in the events section permanently. Only entertainment orientated events accepted. I will tweet your appointment to our over 100,000 followers.