Our special list of collaborators who make Jamsphere Rock Radio Irresistible!

Jeena Johnson

Jeena Johnson who grabs the lion’s share on our station. She handles all pre-recorded announcements for tracks hosted on “ALL DAY ALL PLAY.” The daily show that runs from 1:00 am in the morning to 23:00 pm, playing our radio hits non-stop. Jeena also edits and runs SOUNDLOOKS , the music magazine website which forms part of the JAMSPHERE INDIE MAGAZINE & RADIO NETWORK.

Buddy Nelsen

Buddy Nelsen hosts the late night show “GUITAR LOVERS DELUXE.” This hour long presentation showcases guitar instrumentals by some of the most talented indie guitarists found on the net. Buddy also collaborates on the JAMSPHERE INDIE MAGAZINE.


Italian International Dj Rich More
DeeJay RICH MORE (Gian Maria Maiocco), young, sleek and full of hell: His Dj sets are Amazing! He’s Italian and started many years ago with Electro-House productions that hit over 50 countries worldwide. He mixes every Saturday in many clubs, that include the best dance-floors across Europe: London, Madrid, Ibiza, Athens, Milan, Paris. And he’s got 4h DJSET SHOWS for 6 World Web Radios on Friday and Saturday: Courchevel, Paris, Miami, Los Angeles, Milano, Mazatlan and Jamsphere Rock Radio broadcasting from Washington DC.