Rijan Archer – “Next To You”

Pulsating rhythms, melodic flourishes, monumental hooks: blending hard- swagger beats with imaginative impulses, Long Beach, California-based producer Rijan Archer couples an encyclopedic knowledge of production styles with a firm grasp of the present to reveal a far-reaching sonic vision for the future.

Genres: Hip Hop | Pop | R&B | Trap | EDM | World | Cinematic | Classical Fusion | Funk | Super Hero |

Rijan Archer’s Credits Include: MTV, MTV2, BravoTV, Oxygen, E!TV, Fear Factor, Avis Pope, Lil Tracy, Rosun, Midnight Heart (Solace Remix), The Stylist, Bad Girls Club, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Road Rules-The Real World, Cribs, My Super Sweet 16, True Life, My Life as Liz, Khole and Court Go To Miami, Jamuna TV, Reebok-CrossFit Games, High Sky Pictures, Detroit Native CB Sports etc.

For Business/Licensing/Project Inquiries Contact: rijanarcher@gmail.com

Rijan Archer is on radio rotation with the track “Next To You”



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