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Luther Monroe has an uncanny ability to always combine a variety of compositional elements, incorporating real instruments from entire western and other world orchestras with cutting-edge electronica, to form his unique and authentically distinctive sound that is building his reputation as a truly versatile and dynamic producer in multiple genres.

Despite bursting onto the music scene as recently as 2021, Luther has already produced tracks that flaunt tastefully executed arabesque liquid drum and bass, horror-themed trap, orchestral-infused UK garage, re-defined afrobeat, operatic downtempo, and a tech house adaptation of the tango; all testaments to Luther’s impressive versatility and staggering imagination.

Luther Monroe is making a lasting impact on audiences in numerous fields of electronic production and beyond. The genre police might as well give up chasing him because it’s simply too much for them to handle.

Luther Monroe is on radio rotation with the track “Stranger Christmas”. 1980’s electronic style re-imagined version of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”; upbeat, merry, festive, and dance-worthy.All composition and all instrumentation are original MIDI programming, and nothing herein has been sourced from any 3rd party audio origins.

For retro authenticity, some of the layers contain sound that have been generated by Commodore 64 and Atari emulators (very old home computers that I had the privilege to experience during my own youth). The main beat is loosely based on popular songs previously released by Fine Young Cannibals and Cameo in the 1980s. This song comes with my very best wishes for the festive season to all in 2022, and for every Christmas to come.



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