Alexis Heath – “Breakthrough”

new EP from 14 year old Alexis Heath will be predominately comprised of Pop, R&B and Dance music. “Breakthrough” is intended to serve as a precursor for the album’s lead single, “Thunder.” The self-titled EP by Alexis Heath promises to be as captivating as it is introspective. With a strong vocal tone reminiscent of singers like Alessia Kara and Kelly Clarkson, Alexis Heath has already endeared herself to some very prominent members of the music community in Utah.Namely, Debra and Clotile Bonner Farkas (of the music group known as The Bonner Family).

As Alexis Heath continues to release music, she will showcase her rich vocal tone and her stage presence. With a new artist development company (SingPeopleSing Recordings) behind her, it may not be long before her supportive community in Utah grows into a national fan base.

Alexis Heath is on radio rotation with the track “Breakthrough”

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