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Real name, Oghenevize Gordon Isiakpere, Delta State – Nigeria born upcoming Gospel music minister. She grew up in Lagos State, Nigeria and a student nurse with a background in business management.

Musically known as Enavize Gordon, a combination of her native name first name and her father’s first name. Oghenevize means God sent. “I believe we all are sent to the world to fulfill different purposes. I do not believe any man ended up on planet earth just to increase the population. To me everyone here right now was placed here intentionally. We must find out what this purpose might be and run with it. Music for me was not planned, I never thought I would end up doing music. Even when opportunities to do something music-related came up about 8 years ago, I felt reluctant because I used to see music as something I did just for fun and the songs I wrote as just scribblings”, Enavize.

Enavize Gordon is on radio rotation with the track “Omo Mi, Rise!” which is available on all music platforms.




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