Valentin Valentin – “This Guy’s in Love with You”

Talented multi-instrumentalist who is part composer, arranger, songwriter, singer, and pianist and Valentin Valentin is on radio rotation with the Bacharach/David track “This Guy’s in Love with You”. Far from being a newcomer in the world of song, Valentin has frequented stages and studios as a keyboardist for several groups. After having signed a contract with a major record company as a singer and composer for many projects, he has now gone solo. Valentin Valentin is also a producer, essayist and actor.

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Valentin Valentin’s credits include:

Irrésistible / Love is the Game (Epic)

The Port of Marseille / Jane en Jean (Carrere)

Generic TV music (Clear Music)

Author of “Rose” Ever n’Ever (Warner) (TV series. First Kisses)

“Tell me everything, everything, everything” (AB)

Composer “Childhood” Honor ö Dames (77records Wagram)

Author Composer Singer producer “Valentino and the Pim’s” Album (Fringanor)

L’Obsession – La Voile Rouge St Tropez (Happy Music Universal)

Disastro – la Voile Rouge St Tropez (Happy Music Universal)

Dj Valentin: Paris / Montreal: Moon, Le Baron (Paris), La Féline, La Cantada, Maxim’s, Le Rock n’ roll Circus, Pigalle Country Club, Le Club, Le Germain, Paris-Paris, le Tigre, Insep ‘ private parties, Piranha Bar (Montreal) Castel (Paris) l’Etoile (Paris) Champagnes Mignon (Epernay) Dropkick, la Loge-Reims

Composer of “Le Plaisir des Sens” Yoga Music (Ellebore editions)

Author of “Ma Nuit chez Castel” (Kiwi) 2017

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