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Crispus Attucks and the Love Muskets are an American pop punk duo, based in New York. Made up of two New York natives, Matt Brescia and Will Beckenhaupt. Crispus Attucks and the Love Muskets have garnered a reputation for themselves with their socially conscious and politically charged pop punk. Tackling current issues with an unflinchingly honest lens, their music uses a combination of blistering instrumentation and irresistible, sing-along choruses to leave their audiences feeling upbeat, empowered, and ready to change the world.

Released in February 2021, their debut album Attucks for America explores an eclectic range of issues, from the American sociopolitical climate in the wake of Trump’s presidency to the military industrial complex and religion. The culmination of months of work and revision, Attucks for America represents a huge evolution in their sound, drawing on folk punk elements and more melodic vocals that both pack a punch and make a statement.

Crispus Attucks and the Love Muskets are on radio rotation with the track, “Bad Code”. You can purchase the music here:

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