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“The Bucharest music scene starts with the great 20th-century composer George Enescu, but it quickly branches out to D.J.’s like Alien Pimp and rollicking Gypsy bands like Taraf de Haiduks.” – New York Times – 2006

“If a country played a major role in the rejuvenation of techno, well it’s Romania, the birthplace of Cosmin TRG (who lives in Berlin now), and of Silviu Costinescu, aka Alien Pimp” – Beatscape (France) – 2012

Alien Pimp is not only an artistic alias of DubKraft Records’ honcho Silviu Costinescu, but also a pioneering name in Romanian and international electronic music. 2016 marks its 20th year of continuous and prolific activity.

A biography that accurately represents these two decades is seemingly impossible to put together. The artist himself argues that no one could properly keep evidence of the hundreds tracks released (covering almost all spectrum of electronica and beyond), the countless dj performances and airplays worldwide, and the other highlights.

 But instead of getting attention for his past, Alien Pimp prefers to offer his supporters some of his most recent work as a gift and a sign of gratitude. A stream of monthly free songs and electronic music tracks will be released until the end of the year, often accompanied by his own video productions.

Alien Pimp is on radio rotation with “Last Night”.

As a label manager, Alien Pimp specializes in discovering and launching new talents, so we asked him to unveil some of the hottest projects on his table right now. He recommended a nu-disco gem from his birthplace, Bucharest, Romania: Crowd Control w/ Elektromekanik & Happy Gutenberg – “Devil”. The track is out of Crowd Control’s debut album “Loud Blood Youth”, also available for free from DubKraft’s sister label False Flag Operation ( ).

Crowd Control w/ Elektromekanik & Happy Gutenberg is on radio rotation with the track “Devil”.



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