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A 24 year old relatively unknown but fresh, witty and quite articulate rap artist hailing from sunny West Palm Beach, FL, Anthony Levone is bursting with potential. He’s had many inspirations and idols throughout his lifetime both along his musical journey & outside of it so Anthony is very knowledgeable & imbued with the insight of a person well beyond his years therefore making him well able to give his listeners many different perspectives on a wide array of subjects. We say strap in, get your listening ears ready and enjoy the ride.

He released his first ever single titled ‘Do It For‘ in March of 2019 to some positive reviews and streaming numbers & it now has amassed over 11K+ streams total for the record on Spotify alone. He then released his second single of 2019 in May titled ‘Blessing Just To Be Here‘. Not very long after that he released his third single of 2019 titled ‘What It’s Like‘ in July, this song showed great progress for the presumed young star in the making.

He has impressed with his most recent releases in both May of 2020 appropriately titled ‘See Me Coming‘ which ironically no one saw coming as it deviates from his tone in previous works & another in August of 2020 titled ‘Without You‘. The former of which already has made numerous popular hip-hop blogs & playlists and is getting some national attention.

Anthony Levone is on radio rotation with the track “Without You”.

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