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Music and storytelling cross paths in ways that often change our lives. British producer, songwriter and author autolemy, expertly weaves a carefully chosen pastiche of musical influences and multi-genres; giving a nod to electro, pop, disco-funk, classical and experimental sound. autolemy brings together a sensory revolution for the readers’ eyes and ears. When a debut author with a background in the glory days of the UK DJ scene creates not just a brand new work of fiction, but also combines this with an original album of songs, you have to sit up and take note.

Rooted in the 1970’s, Say Goodbye is the first book in a planned trilogy following six going on seven-year-old ‘Lee Walker’. A mischievous sort, Lee discovers his mother’s infidelity leading to a devastating series of events that see his family tear apart and the young boy cast aside. Having decided to runaway, Lee’s adventure eventually takes him to France, where he must rely on his survival instincts to stay alive. His journey takes a twist when he has an unexpected encounter in the strange world of KGB operatives, secret underworlds, and MI6… with which he has a extraordinary connection.

A few words from the author: “A lot of propaganda is force-fed to the younger generations about ‘mental health’ and how convincing yourself that every little bump in life is a big issue. However, ‘mental resilience’ is hugely underrated, and it is the people with the resilience and fortitude who will always prevail. This is just one of the key themes of the book. Another theme that permeates through the book is how simple acts of kindness can change a person’s life.”

 The ‘Say Goodbye’ experience is only one half of what the reader gets drawn into. The album contains fifteen original tracks and six instrumentals all written and produced by autolemy. He expertly draws upon his expansive knowledge of the way music genres can be moulded, to create a pastiche of beauty giving a nod to classic seventies disco-funk, dance as well as nineties classic beats and orchestral arrangements that reflect the many eras of influence autolemy spent at the top of his game. Having left school in the mid ‘80s, he turned to the world of serious vinyl and mix tapes, selling his music in local record shops and then in turn becoming part of the legendary DMC DJ Label.

We encourage you to join ‘Lee Walker’, and follow his journey in the world of family, betrayal and mischief. autolemy has initially released a small number of the First Edition hardbacks which are available to purchase now at Stay tuned for the official launch date on the 24th April 2023 where ‘Say Goodbye’ will be officially available in both physical and digital formats. autolemy is on radio rotation with the tracks, Say Goodbye, Good Day, Not Giving Up On You and When I Look In The Mirror.

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