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Eliciting adjectives as raw, honest, vulnerable or real, BAOBAB’s combination of indie-folk and lo-fi rock is shaped by the very personal and transparent lyrics and compositions of singer and guitarist Xavi Martín. The band from Barcelona, created on 2019, delivers an intimate and unique proposal: indie with varied influences and natural and close sound.

BAOBAB (a.k.a. Xavi, Oscar, Maria and Jordi) means diving amongst the deepest shit and getting the nice part out of it, if there is one. BAOBAB was born in summer, somewhere between the backpack and the back BAOBAB started as the solo project of singer and guitarist Xavi Martín, after leaving his old band, to give live to his musical urge with freedom and honesty. He joined with drummer Oscar Acón, bassist Jordi Rissech and, finally, keyboard player Maria Amor to end up forming the current band.

In a few months, they self-released their first work “The Big Sleep” (2019), as a four song EP with varied influences, among which there were folk, bossa nova and jazz. The EP was preceded by their single “1927”. This year, they will release a series of singles from their first LP, coming 2021. “For the Money” is the first of these singles, and it comes with a video made by photographer and screenwriter Helena Hosta, fundamental part of the visual aspect of the project.

The sound of BAOBAB is shaped by many genres, but among their varied influences, names as Big Thief, Loving, Angel Olsen, Men I Trust, The Smiths or Radiohead stand out. Naturalness characterizes them: their sound consists essentially of unfiltered projections of their own experiences, feelings and insecurities. Their music is constantly evolving and the project is taking a more conceptual direction, with the idea of encompassing other artistic disciplines.

This interest in art beyond music was already glimpsed in “The Big sleep”, where the common denominator of the four songs is not musical, but the influence of cinema. This interdisciplinary concern begins to grow as a result of their concert at the alternative art gallery laContra.

Baobab is on radio rotation with the track “For the Money”.

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