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BContheTrack, Bill C grew up in South Central Los Angeles. This is why his beats combine street noises with studio sounds. BC has almost twenty years of music experience ranging from Old School, R&B, Gospel, Trap, and Hip Hop. When asked what he loves most about making beats, he responds, “I enjoy assisting others in making their aspirations a reality. I’ll give the beat. You do your thing. Let’s make it happen!”

BContheTrack is on Jamsphere Radio rotation with the track “Brand New Day” ft. Beaux. Nothing like a Brand New Day to get one out of bed. This song is a morning anthem, it fills you with energy and positivity. The first line says it all: “I woke up this morning, woke up to a Brand New Day.” Who else is setting their alarm to this tune? Go check it out asap! Link in @bconthetrack bio.

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