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Giant In My Mind, follows two years of much self-reflection. Big Bus Dream’s Mike Shannon adds, “If getting older and still making music wasn’t enough to think about, throw in a pandemic and you have plenty of time to think about your life. Add all the crazy politics and divide in this country and you have plenty to write about. Mostly, the record is about jumping, or just crashing through, hurdles over the years – lots of hurdles.” The new release is wrapping up, with a target release date of April 30th, 2021. roots rock with electrified arrangements. A literate brand of individual The 2017 My Dream My Fantasy release was named “one of the top 3 albums of 2017” by Exclusive Magazine. Big Bus Dream has been featured in MTV’s Pimp My Ride, Breaking  Amish, WBTV documentaries, and the film MY life as Abraham Lincoln.

“Original without being trendy” – Creative Loafing

“These are old-fashioned protest songs at heart with a patina of new-coffeehouse folk (The Gourds) … and they deliver their messages.” – David Cowling, Americana UK

Big Bus Dream is on radio rotation with the track “Giant in my Mind”

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