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Big Bus Dream blends roots rock with electrified arrangements.  A literate brand of individual style and commentary along the lines of John Lennon and Mark Oliver Everett (of The Eels). Big Bus Dream is about passion, perseverance, it is the distinctiveness of the song, the arrangement and the colors. “These are old-fashioned protest songs at heart with a patina of new-coffeehouse folk (The Gourds) … and they deliver their messages.”David Cowling, Americana UK

The 2021 Giant in My Mind was recorded during the Covid lockdown, allowing for much self-reflection. “So many stand-out lyrics crop up throughout the project, and thanks to beautiful melodies and natural, peaceful arrangements, these connect on a profound level.” – Stereo Stickman. Big Bus dream’s Mike Shannon adds, “mostly, the record is about jumping, or just crashing through, hurdles over the years – lots of hurdles.”

Mike Shannon’s journey has always been about climbing the steps up the Big Bus. This is Big Bus Dream. And Big Bus Dream, like 4th Ward before, has always been about the distinctiveness of the song, the hook, the colors.  “The sound is original without being trendy”, writes Creative Loafing.

4thward’s 2000 self-titled release debuted #20 on the National CMJ Top 200 charts. Celebrity Cafe awarded the release, “Album of the day!”. The group spent 4 years playing the circuit opening for the likes of Angie Aparo, Hootie and The Blowfish before regrouping as Big Bus Dream.

Big Bus Dream’s 2006 self-titled debut earned Editor’s Pick by CD Baby and 8 of 10 stars by Americana UK, as well as topping the main European music site charts. Several tracks found their way onto MTV’s Pimp My Ride, Breaking Amish, as well as film (MY life as Abraham Lincoln) and TV (WBTV documentaries). The Jesters of Xmas Town (2008) continued the band’s songwriting and recording success:

Absolute Power Pop wrote, “This is one bus you’ll want to catch.”    The Charlotte Observer added, “nearly perfect, 3.5 out of 4 stars.” observed, “Shannon’s a dead ringer for Mr. E (Eels) himself…”

Big Bus Dream is on radio rotation with the track, “So Very Old”


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